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Lecture 5

VPAA10H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Direct Marketing, Netflix, Marketing Mix

Arts Management
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Sherri Helwig

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VPAA10H3 F Introduction to Arts Management | Week 5
Professor Sherri HELWIG
Office hours: AA329 | 11:10-12:00, Mondays, or 12:10-1:00 Thursdays, or by appointment.
WEEK 5 | Keywords
1. Marketing [continues]
2. Fundraising
1. Bringing arts to audiences (continues):
Major 2002 U.S. study shows that:
a. More than 75% of people like classical music;
b. But 18% of them listen to classical music regularly;
c. And less than 5% of them have been to the concert in the previous year.
Attendance at traditional arts events have less to do with the art itself, which people like, and
more to do with the experience, which people don't like.
Audiences like the product, not the experience.
(When we are marketing experiential events, we are basically competing with everything else
people will do: walking the dog, watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, instead of going to a
music concert.)
Marketing is not just about bringing audiences in there is also audience engagement (the
additional products).
2. Pricing in marketing mix
Subscription (seasonal tickets): a package of several arts event being sold together.
Arts managers use this strategy because:
a. Guaranteed attendance
b. People buy a package which include tickets to an event happening in six months. This
makes it easy for arts managers to analyse and plan for future events.
3. Promotion
Includes: advertisement, direct marketing, public relationship, sales promotions, personal
selling, etc. (It's not just about commercials!)
Promotion is not JUST about telling people “we have this fascinating event!!!” Exposure is just
the first step.
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