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Lecture 3

Arts Management
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Anne Tasamine Frost

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VPAA10H3 Intro to Arts Management: Lecture 3 Notes
The Writing Centre : Writing support for all students at UTSC
Characteristics of academic writing
oGoals for writers:
oProduce or share knowledge; Join academic dialogue within a scientific context;
Share research and ideas
oAcademic writing is
oLogical and consise
Writing Centre Hours: 50 minute sessions – Monday to Friday from 9am – 6pm
English Language Development
The Assignment Calendar
Practice Critical Reading
oACTIVE way of reading
oIt is deeper and more complex engagement with a text
oProcess of analyzing, interpreting, and sometimes evaluating the larger meanings of a
oEvaluate the readership/discipline: Who is the intended reader
oRead with a purpose: Read for big ideas; Map your reading process; Make notes on
your ideas
oLook up key words
oLook for guide posts: Titles and subtitles; Topic sentences in paragraphs;
Thesis/positions; Standout bullets/graphs
Online Assignment for Arts Management
Find 2 events for the arts management assignment
oEye Go $5, Culture Days, ASO (Arts Service Organization), Now Magazine
Cultural HRC Website
oHelping individuals in finding a career within the Arts and Culture background
oFitting the individuals needs such as a structured or unstructured environment
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