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Arts Management
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Anne Frost

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Jan 19, 2010
PIPEDA – the name of the legislation that is in place so that you can not give out
personal information of your patrons to other people or organizations
At the Ottawa little – she re established a play writing contest that was in place before
what effect would that have ? getting more people involved, fresh new ideas coming into
the theatre, cultivating new artists, entry point, it positions the little theatre as being a part
of the larger industry,
She finds the second reading to be annoying cause there is a lot of jargon
The 4 p’s or 6 p’s
Place or placement – how does that fit into how you would market something? – how do
you get the thing into the hands of the people? – how are you going to overcome peoples
Product – how do we interact with the public? What works for you in our sector? Use the
recognizable bit to entice the public – show that it will matter to the audience.
Price – it is a factor when we are marketing our stuff – there is not one way of doing it
there are ways of running your business based on research
sample audience satisfaction survey
we could use things like this for future research
personal questions are at the end – this is important
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