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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

Music and Culture
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Andy Lee

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Music History II Lecture 9
Innovation in Rhythm and Meter
1. Accent non-periodic progression
-do not have recurring theme
-meter is a periodic structure
-no regular recurring pattern
-insert series of accent on weak beat (syncopation)
-disrupt sensation of regular meter
2. Polyrhythm
-occur when there is more than 1 meter
-insertion of triplet
-conflicting articulation of meter
-7 against 5
3. Polymeter
-change in meter in succession
-polymeter in the sacrificial dance in The Rite of Spring
4. Multiple ostinato figures
-layer several ostinato on top of each other
-multiple ostinati
Harmonic and Tonal Language
-dissonant sonorities
-non-diatonic pitch collection (octatonic)
Form and Structure
-block-like and non-developmental form
-modular melodic structure
Texture, Colour Sonority
-percussive timbre
-highlight wind timbres rather than strings
-dense, stratified textures
-dissonant chord as major chord
-octatonic chord
-bits of melody and combine them as mosaic
-melody that is made up of tiny chunks
-string the chunks together
-block-like texture
-not lyrical string sound
-string as massive texture
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