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Lecture 1 Introduction

Music and Culture
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Ken Mc Leod

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Music History Lecture 1
-layer of sound
Types of Texture
1) Monophony
-a single line of melody
2) Polyphony
-two monophonic lines join together
-most popular music is like this
i) Imitative Polyphony
-melodic line that is repeated
-static or echo effect
-for example, fugue, melodic line come in different pitch, break off instead of overlap
3) Homophony
-single harmonized melody
-block chord in three other voices
-hymn sing in church is in this style
4) Heterophony
-one melodic line, the other melodic line doubles, but sometimes break off
-found in fold music, and ethnic music
-fewer in Western music
Chord grouping of 3 or more notes at different interval simultaneously
Consonance pleasant sound, stable, no need for resolution
Dissonance unstable, need resolution, like augmented fourth and second
-mode (major/ minor), key (central pitch and mode), modulation
-functional tonality (I-IV-V-I)
Modulation process of changing key, i.e., C major to C minor
Mode collection of pitches
Functional tonality came from Baroque
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