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14 Apr 2012

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Lecture 4
Essay Proposal
Convention: rules- the artist decided to paint differently and broke the rules
Avant-guard had a relationship with other cultural productions that were happening outside of
the world.
It talked about this relationship was based on problematic assumption
Art, western art is connected to the world in two important concepts, colonialism and the idea
of primitivism
This post-modernist question creates a space for artist to look at the definition of art and
something that is universal and has a cultural perspective
A perspective that has argued about the western worlds superiority over the rest of the world
1860, the English critic, John R, no …can be found outside of NYC.
Art critics and artists were drawing from the African areas.
The majority of this Avant-guard interest, primitive art embraced the otherness- objects from
other places.
It was a strategy- they saw a directness in these African paintings, a certain raw factor
When the colonial world started to see independence, these types of assumptions came under
This complex issue- what art is now is art after a transition, a world order- European art to art
The shift to globalization
Chapter 5:
The description was ceremonial drawing painting- 1999, Paris
Yarla, made by 6 native Australians’ – collective work
It consisted for pigments as well as paint they were applied directly to the ground to create this
pattern shown in the painting
It is in a way like a landscape
Yarla, is described as desert painting- a painting movement
Geoff B, saw local natives were making these paintings on the ground
He encouraged them to take their work and use permanent materials
There was mixing of land and history mixed with western form of painting
These work became much more commonly presented to others
Magicans Da Le Terre- more than a hundred artists from all around the world came
They brought artworks from all corners of the world.
It also showed installations, paintings, sculptures, performances, symbols and other work
Yarla, it raised a number of important questions particularly out definition of art because of
both globalization of culture
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