WST01 W2: Is Biology Destiny?

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

Week 2Is Biology Destiny Biological ExplanationBiological AssumptionsAnatomy is decisive Explains the difference in mens and womensexperiencesExample Johan Gray the author of a popular book Men are from Mars Women are from Venus the differences between the males and females of our species will ultimately be found in the cell arrangements and anatomy of the human brain Social is naturalthe social arrangement between men and women a natural bc fix and changeable Biological explanation makes people feel good that no one is to blame responsible for establishing gender relationship no amount of social reforms can change men and female relationship and task Why We Need to Pay Attention to Biological TheoriesPlay central role in our understanding of both gender difference and gender inequalitySeem to be objective scientific factsSeem to agree with our own observationsThere is a certain conceptual tidiness to biological explanationsThey make many of us feel goodBiological TheoriesA Historical Revie
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