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Women's and Gender Studies
Roberta Fulthorpe

WeekPostmodernism and human natureSignifies a break offers good compare and contrast work very well with other theoriesRadical critiqueliberal approachModernity m independentM modern m independent not dependent on menPostmodernism is a critique of modernism but not a regression of traditional values Human are rational self interested with stable and coherent identitiesPost modernis say human nature have no fixed nature Humans are born in a web of linguistic cultural and social realtions Think about spider man web of LCSHumans are fluid ever changing and contradictory WHY Human have several identities they contradict each other We have different seleves they dont always want the same thingSUBJECTHOOD system of science We all introduce ourseleve through sign and symbols We are all a combination of sign Our subject a sign is anything an individual can attach meaning significantEX pictureThree characteristics about human identity when it comes to signo The creation we represent ourselves through sign each embodies a meaning to represent ourselves we perform our gender EX what we wearho
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