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Women's and Gender Studies
Roberta Fulthorpe

Radical feminist is a theoratical idea which oposses and blamesmen dominance or patriarchy as the main reason for women opression Radical feminist believe that men have the patrichal privalages over women of their own racial and ethic status which gives them superiority in the end of the day over someone regardless of whether they have the superiority outside their home or not radicalthat makes motherhood into a valuable way of thinking and behaving femisit became a perspective critizies the aditional famiily as a prime source of patriarchal opression of womencondemns the violent aspects in heterosecuality such as rape sexual harassmentm pornographyexpanded the concept of patriarchy as it hierarchyllly put men on top over women in institutional wayspatriarchal privalages men domination over women of their own social and racial ethinic group gives them
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