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Women's and Gender Studies
Jin Park

2012-10-17 IEEC31-WSTC21H3 F Lecture Last week: how popular culture feeds into the construction of normative bodies Lecture: tissue economies; organ and blood donations in the 80s and 90s • How new tissues renew life • Coma: 1978 movie; young people in the hospital that come in for minor surgeries but end up on life support and effectively lose their lives o Story follows two physicians who work to uncover the story as to why this in occurring o Commercialization and illicit economy of human organs  Contrast to the contemporary moment where organ trade is often desensitized in media spheres  The role of biotechnology in sustaining life and how it was perceived in the 1970s  In a corrupted medical world, young patients administered in these hospitals were intoxicated where medical doctors worked to take vital organs for business (illicit economy of organ donations) • Human embezzlement of human tissues and organs o Method of human organ trade in light of new biotechnology as well as media technology • What human interactions take in relation with biotechnology? • Understand the rise of bioscience and medical science in non-western contexts in the second half of the lecture • Blood and Human Tissues in the Post 9/11 Era o 9/11: the collapse of the World Trade Centre and the attack on the
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