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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Atiqa Hachimi

WSTC28 – W4 - Goes under dominance approach Limitations of dominance and cultural approaches - Dominance approach  unequal - Two-culture approach  equal o Different by equal Recap – different but unequal - The first approach – power was key analytical concept - Patriarchy was seen as a dominant force - The origin of sexist language – men created language that was embedded with patriarchal notion - Patriarchy is not the only form of dominantion. There are always other forms of dominance, like religion or social class. - this approach was also accused of the fact that it was pan-contextual (the situation you are in changes you and who you are talking to) - they wanted to go beyond women being perpetual victims - chief goals and social relationships Different phases of feminism and the study of gender and language - This is the model that Cameron talks about in the B section - 1. They demand equality with men - 2. They give value to women’s activities - 3. Transcend gender divisions where male and female difference would become socially insignificant Task B4.2 p 124 New ways of understanding language and gender - what does it mean to talk about biological essentialism? o Innate differences - Social essentialism o Interactional styles - We don’t just want to b
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