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Aboriginal Studies
Christian Campbell

FOOSBALL LADDER LOGISTICS AND RULES Note: Unless otherwise stated, the rules for teams are the same as rules for players SETUP  All engsci's will be informed about the ladder via email, facebook, and posters around the foosball tables about the ladder starting Frosh Week. o I suggest the email be sent the Monday after Frosh Week (September 10th)  The email instructions will be to email [email protected] with the following information: o Full Name, Year (example: David Belvedere, 1T5) and Subject: [FOOSBALL LADDER]  Official Ladder games will then be allowed starting the Monday after the email is sent (September 17th)  TEAMS: The same will apply for teams. The information would include the additional player. IN SEASON  An Official Ladder Game can be played between any 2 players in the same division. o It is likely that the divisions will be split by years  THE LADDER BOARD WILL GO OFF THE HONOUR SYSTEM.  To play in an Official Ladder Game, both players must agree that the game is a Ladder Game BEFORE A LEGAL GOAL IS SCORED.  Upon completion of a game, either player may email and/or write on a piece of paper (which will be visible, attached to a clipboard, and have a pen attached) the following information:  Names of Players in the game and their scores, Divison (example: David Belvedere - 8, Tommy Pearson - 5, 1T5) o With this system, it is quite possible that there will be multiple submissions for one game. If a submission is received with the exact same score and players in the same week, the game will only be counted once. If there were 2 games with the same players and scores, players must acknowledge this upon submission of a game.  At the end of each week, scores will be tallied and rankings will be released the following Monday. (This can be done via website and/or posters around the common room). PLAYERS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO KEEP TRACK OF AND MONITOR THEIR OWN STATS (i.e. wins, losses, goals for, goals against, etc. although wins/losses are the most important). The reason for this is that the rankings will be done based on the honour system. A player is able to submit a game that they didn't actually play and there will be no way of knowing, upon submission, that it is fake. The hope is that it won't happen, however, if it does, a players stats will not agree with what they have tracked. If this is the case, the player should contact the Athletics Director (David Belvedere) and the issues will be resolved from there.  Since some players may not know others in the ladder, there will be designated times each week for each division where players will be encouraged to show up and play against people which they have not played before. RANKINGS NOTE: Rules in
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