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Lecture 20

ANT200Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Linear Pottery Culture, Fertile Crescent, Star Carr

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Christopher Watts

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Monday, January 15, 2018
Lecture 12!
-Conclusions from last week:!
How did agriculture develop in the fertile crescent?!
Who were the natufians?!
-Hunter gathers living in fertile crescent during epipaleolithic. Subfloor burials.
Lived in larger settlements. This suggested that houses and territory were
privately owned. Handed on from one generation to the next through families. !
How do we define domestication?!
-Change in settlements. Advent of mud brick agriculture.!
-Farming in Europe:!
Europe is a secondary centre of agriculture. The ideas all came from somewhere
else. The middle east is where i all came from. The middle east was the primary
-Star Carr!
found some masks !
This site is dierent from many settlements because it was a regional gathering
place where people would participate in ritual.!
-Lepinski Vir!
Weird structures with trapezoidal shape.!
Burials were often found at the back of these structures.!
Perhaps a ritual site.!
-Linear Band Keramik!
First in south eastern europe them makes way into northern europe.!
Settlements with long houses.!
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