ANT203Y1 Lecture Notes - Platypus, Asteroid Family, Pleiotropy

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8 Oct 2011
-Darwin was a collector of species, one morning he collected 69 species
-he made many discoveries
-volcanic discoveries on an island
-able to determine what environment a turtle came from due the curved shell
(curved shell= dry, while smooth shell= wet land
-he collected several species of beetles, when he came home he sent them to be
- fixity of species ex. Bird may lay 50 eggs a year but only 2 are needed to continue
natural order and those 2 will be have greater chance of surviving and be more
dominant and special= natural selection
-he wrote 12 letters daily to scientist and naturalist all over the world
-all domestic dogs come from wolves, and ppl domestic dogs based on traits
-breading is not possible btw different species
-the platypus was a mixture of reptiles and mammals because it swims in water and
lays eggs
-part reptile and part fish was found in as a fossil= interbreeding btw species
-alferd walence had same idea of natural selection, which was same as dawins
-marry discovered uranium which is used for dating through radiation
-relating human eye to clock, the human eye was created by spots and light
creating a bubble then the bubble because closed and became more focused and
started receiving picture as mucus formed it created the pupile and then became
the eye
- DNA ex. Jelly fish mouse because the combination of genetics
-fishes evolved from a single cell, they became flattened and then developed hard
cotted skin, grew fins and muscles and skull along with muscles and became fishes
and then reptiles evolved from them.
-then the dinoures became extinct but the flying ones became birds
Charles Lyell (1797-1875)
*father of GEOLOGY
*unifotm...... gradual changes would occur but with gradual time
-created landscape-ongoing
Marry Anning (1799-1847)
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*brought up in a ery poor enviornmrnt
*she was self taught andher dad taught her to clean fossils found around the house
*she would sell the fossils to help support her families and eventually she was
highly recognized due to her highly informative fossil collection
Natural selection
*Charles Darwin (1809-1882)
Published the origins of spices 1859
The book descent of man was criticized by the church heavily because he related
humans to monkeys
Environmental change +competition+ individual variability in population+
Adaptation+ Natural selection+ Descent with modification =evolution
*left over slides from last day
Fundamentals’ of Darwin’s Evolution
-heritable traits
-fitness is relevant
*evolution is context dependent
Richard Owen (1804-`892)
*coined the term homology the same orgin in different animals under every Varity
of form and functions
*no rel/sp btw apes and humans
-he was first to describe the new species of ape (gorillas) DUE TO REL. VALUES he
denied that humans and apes were related
Tom Huxely (1825-1895)
*pointed out darwins flaws about evolutions progression change
*darwins Bulldog
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