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23 Apr 2012
March 21, 2012
Post-Emancipation South Africa in a Neoliberal Age
Trying to get a sense of how epistemes are produced
Foucault- it is critical to know how they are produced, function
How did the episteme function
How truth is produced through the convoluted workings of power.
Apartheid, colonial history
Officially it was a system of racial segregation enforced by the
national parties of South Africa
legally enforced minority rule, Ayrian supremacy
Infamous for its genocide, dehumanization, deportation,
impoverishment and discrimination
Lasted officially for 40 years
Creation of 317 laws
South Africa was separated into four territories
Essentially they become foreigners in their own country/continent
Used racism
Colonial tropes of infantalization - "coloured boys"
Steve Biko:
Corporate media lied about his cause of death
"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the
mind of the oppressed"
Direct action vs. protest, revolution vs. reform
Gradualism: change should be brought about but in discrete
increments - slow
Psychological discourses: huge focus on psychology, black
consciousness, envisioning of the free self, impact
of language on identity
Economic restructuring "to put blacks in their place"
formed a number of grassroots organizations
Soweto Uprising
adopted policies, political games like the right to vote
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