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Lecture 2

ANT253H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Linguistic Performance, Ethnography, Linguistic Relativity

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Marcel Danesi

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Lecture 2: Language and Society
-all languages are based on the same principles of structure (morphemes, phonemes,
allophones, etc.)
-Noam Chomsky - universal grammar
-humans are designed to learn language
-don’t have to teach a child to want to learn it
-connect and produce language
-no limits on how we can expand ourselves
-linguistics: science of language
-study relationship between social interactions
-doesn’t have to be face to face
-social phenomenon obtained through language
-relationship of language to society, social structure, etc.
-i.e. classes, gender, etc. - different speech?
-i.e. Koasati (indigenous language in Louisiana) - men say lawawhol (lifting); women say
-indicates different gender roles/perception of abilities according to gender in their society
-men = perceived as doing heavy duty lifting -> specific action being male-based
-women = different duties; actions = hued by different words
-markedness: marks in language to make something stand out
-applies to age, gender, class, etc.
-distinguishes groups
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