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Lecture 4

Linguistics-Lecture 4-Text Syntax and Paradigm Jan 29 2009

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University of Toronto St. George
Marcel Danesi

January 29, 2009 Lecture 4: Text, Syntax, Paradigm Essay N On how others talking (or using signs) to andor about us shape our self N Not how we express ourselves to others N Make sure you have a very concrete, specific example- refer to specific sentences, phrases, signs, etc. and who, when, and where used them N State as clearly as you can why this is a good example N Reading is not necessary, but if your example is something you read about you must give a complete reference Text, Syntax, Paradigm: Main Terms N Syntagmatic N Paradigmatic N Essentialize N Acceptability and Grammaticality N Grammatical Categories N (Grammatical) Agreement o Number, Gender Agreement N For more info: o Textbook o Internet th o 44N8L3!80.9L43 floor Robarts) Text N Text: o (1) Any meaningful item or items perceived as a unit N Ex: book, one word o (2) A meaningful item or items understood as not functioning part of a larger unit o %4-04734994-0- a text o Hamlet- a text o Linguistic and non-linguistic texts o Anything can be described as a text- a city is a text Context N In language and in some other semiotic systems N The meaning and function of each item depends on the context N 4390[9ZK,984:98L09K0,.9:,O90[9-:9L870O0;,3994L9 Relationality N Items derives their function and meaning from their relations N 9449K075,798419K090[9,3949K0.4390[9 Two Types of Relations N Syntagmatic and paradigmatic o How one item relates to an item in an meaningful text N Syntagmatic: sequential string relations o Can also be described as horizontal N Paradigmatic: substitution relations o Can also be described as Vertical
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