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Chapter 8-Cultural Construction of Conflict and Violence Mar 26 2009

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Marcel Danesi

ETHNOGRAPHIC EXAMPLES: KIOWA, YANAMAMO, VICE LORDS, JUHOANSI, SEMAI, INUIT, XINGUANO, BUID, SOA NON-BOLDED TERMS: TECHNOSTRATEGIC LANGUAGE Chapter 8: The Cultural Construction of Conflict and Violence Introduction N The Justification of Violent Conflict o Violence= intrinsic feature of human societies o Why is violence universally sanctioned? Human nature? Human construct meaning to justify violence? How Do Societies Create A Bias in Favour of Collective Violence? N Creating bias toward collective violence is to reward it N Horses, Rank, and Warfare Among the Kiowa o Horses=wealth o Among Kiowa, rank was determined by, Number of horses a man possessed Honours accruing him in warfare o Kiowa society divided into 4 ranks- to move up a man needed to acquire horseshonours from warfare o Kiowa rewarded aggressive behaviour and bravery in battle N Good Hosts Among Yanomamo o Another way societies create favour of collective violence is to make it necessary as a way of protecting valuable resources o Intervillage warfare is endemic to Yanomamo o Womenchildren= valuable resources o Men believe that to protect themselvesresources= hey must be fierceraid other villages in a way to demonstrate their ferocity o Ferocity may be directed towards village members as well (men beating wives) o Men strive to acquire females from others, to adopt an antagonistic stance towards others-> encouraging development of ferocity o Yanomamo, socialize male children to be aggressivehostile (strike tormentors, bully girls) N Constructing Religious Justifications for Violence o Cosmic struggle between good and evil o Most modern religions contain sacred texts describing violence confrontations between ge o Ppl use religious rhetoric to justify violent acts How Do Societies Create A Bias Against Violent Conflict? N Characteristics of Peaceful Societies o Conflict over material resources is avoided
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