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ANT208 September 20

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University of Toronto St. George
Dylan Clark

ANT208 September 20 2011 Indiansthe name stuckthe name misnomer Chris Columbusthey got the name wrong Columbus invented indiansthis category of people get bigger and biggerFrom north America to the south he unified into a category Indiansthe were invented in the processthey have a sign that unify peoplewe see manipulation of the sign indians good indians vs bad Culture is symbolic we use language Subjectivity and being is unified under certain signs that are manipulated Magazine cover denotation basic factual info boy saluting the flag blackConnotation black people from Africa like us that they salute our flag our country is loved by Africa colonizer and colonized the invention of a communityto be French is to be loved by colonized production of a particular kind ofimagined community Produce particular kind of citizen and nationask French citizens to recognize themselves Hails recognize themselves as colonizers French nation asked to recognize themselves as French citizens hailed by thismeaning are produced in differences Use of differences to create meaning Canada vs Us civilization vs uncivilized noble savage vs ignoble s
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