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Doug Thomson

Analysis and interpretation Ant100, lecture 2, November 3,20ll Chapter 3 (Re) construction\ -“careful analysis of the environment in which… materials are found in order to say something about the circumstances by which that material came to be there “ (Paul Bahn) -Circumstances- natural and human agencies st 1 ….. Dating Processing - Cleaning - [Conservation] -may or may not be necessary; depends on the artefact - Cataloguing Then… Data organization -involves classification -process by which we assign items to categories (classes) in a pre-arranged system -Rules determine whether an item belongs or does not belong to a class Data Organization -One popular method of classification &analysis is through the use of a typology (Typology- classification of artefact “states based on some criterion or criteria) -typically, we distinguish between: - Artifacts, which include items made from….  Stone (lithic tools)  display evidence of reduction  can be further subdivided into: 1. Chipped or flaked lithic tools - “Flint knapping”-one of earliest industrial arts -emerges with Homo habilis some 2.5mya -involves removing flakes from cored in a controlled manner 2. Ground stone lithic tools - produce by perking, abrading and polishing macro crystalline materials - Usually have smooth durable edges and surfaces (e.g, manos, mutates,axes) - Decorative items can also be made from ground stone  Clay (ceramics)  Relatively recent invention, last ca. 18,000 years  Made from the mixture of clay, water and temper (bonding agents such as sand and shell) which is then fired  Temper helps to reduce shrinkage and cracking  Forming Methods Can be divided into the following: 1. Hand-forming (e.g. pinch, coil construction) 2. Moulding 3. Wheel-throwing  Metal  Bone (faunal) and,  plants (e.g baskets, wooden tools) And… -Eco facts, which include
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