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Larry Sawchuk

ANTC67 W10 Odd’s ratio Is odd’s ratio greater than one? Is there chance of contracting heart problem because of your age? - If you move away from 1 you can make these judgment calls - What we cannot say is if it is significantly significant or not - Online there is a program you can download that you need to unzip and repackage. Step 1 - What we are moving to now is multi-varied analysis - Simple OR – just A and B – bi-variant o Rate that are genetically same, same in diet, housing, etc. but you can control experiment. But you cannot do that with humans. ANTC67 W11 Assignment - Look at low birth weight and what affects it - Low birth weight (<2500g) – we are concerned of it because they are more susceptible to disease, chances of survival is slim, etc. o Malnutrition - Understand what the condition is. What is little birth weight? - How do you define low birth rate, consequences, o Smoking, parody (is your first birth and subsequent birth have to do with low birth weight?) o How about women’s pre-pregnancy weight? Length of gestation
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