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Lecture 4

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ANT336- Week 4 Homo erectus  “Peking Man” (great change with erectus) did erectus make fire, control fire etc.?  Food sharing, complicated cultures  Not quite as stupid as it was originally thought to be Homo neanderthalensis/ Homo sapiens neanderthalensis  Potential clothes being worn  Preparing to bury the dead with offerings which could imply religion  Huge amount of imaginative reconstruction occurring here Homo sapiens “Cro Magnon”  Wearing clothes which look like they are built for the Artic Homo erectus at Choukoutien  Considered to be cannibalistic  Controlling fire Sexual Selection and the Obstetric Dilemma  If the solution is a balancing act between competing factors= progressive ad hoc optimization (trade-offs)  If it is a straight forward solution= imaginative reconstruction The decent of man and selection in relation to sex  Male being in physical proximity of female and the female stays seated showing un-interest in the male (too much emphasis on choice, implying a type of intelligence that some didn’t believe was possible for animals only for humans)  Survival of the fittest can be disputed when looking at harmful features which are retained in certain species (ex. Frogs loud crock to show their masculinity but also allows predators to find them more easily) Non-random mating component  Positive assortative mating=or homogamy, exists when people choose to mate with persons similar to themselves (e.g., when a tall person mates
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