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Sharon Kelly

Lec 4 Making the familiar strangeOctober03131210 PMTips for Reading ResponsesDiscern each authors main supportingarguments TAKE TIME AND EFFORTWork with these arguments DO NOT DESCRIBE THE READINGSWrite in concise focused paragraphs ONE MAIN IDEA PER PARAGRAPHKeep your writing grounded in the texts avoid abstract phrasesAvoid agency to abstract concepts think of who are the actorswho is doing the actingWrite about human agents using active tense Do not impute agency to abstractionsSave discussion of implications for your concluding paragraph Edit your work carefully for spelling grammar punctuation and flowSeek help from writing centers to develop a scholarly writing style OverviewReview Kleinmans health care systems Scholarship on social and cultural construction of biomedicineFlecks thought collectives3 major contributions of social constructionism to medical anthropologyLocal biology Margaret Lock on menopauseEpistemologyontology Health care system Kleinmans definitionSocially organized responses to disease that constitute a special cultural systemof symbolic meanings anchored in particular arrangements of social institutions and patterns of interpersonal interactions Kleinman 198024Patients and Healers in the Context of Culture Biomedicine as socially constructed cultural system significant early academic workMargaret LockDeborah Gordon 1988 Biomedicine ExaminedPeter WrightAndrew Treacher 1982 The Problem of Medical Knowledge Examining the Social Construction of MedicineLudwik Fleck 1927 some specific features of the medical way of thinkingSocially constructed way of thinking patients have some sort of role in the construction of thinking in the medical viewPatients are engaged in shaping biomedical practice and biomedical knowledge 1935 Genesis and development of a Scientific Fact1935 Scientific Observation and Perception in General1936 The problem of epistemologyLudwik Fleck 18961961Thought CollectivesA community of persons mu
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