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Biological Anthropology, Lecture 3

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Ivan Kalmar

Anthropology Lecture 3 Primate BehaviourEcology y First Prof makes fun of y Sample Questiono 1is a type of ribonucleic acid that is used in the cell to copy the DNA code for use in protein A Mitochondrion B DNA C Ychromosome D mRNAo Use process of elimination answer is Do 2 The result ofis that genetic information encoded in DNA is transferred to theA transcription RNA B translation TTC C meosis tRNA D mitosis zerghive E none of the aboveo Elimination zerghive in D is from Star Trek meosis in C is nonsense he didnt really say much else about it and its not none of the above so guess from A and B Answer BToday we learny Be able to differentiate primates from other mammalsy Basic taxonomic characteristics of living extant primatesy Primate ecology and sociologysocialityy Conservation issues Introduces himself and two colleagues Michael Schillaiz bioarcheologist anthroprimatology and public health Joyce Parga reproduction Monkeys Everywhere Monkeys are all over the media for example Movies Rise of the Planet of the Apes King Kong Liquor Monkey Scotch picture above Commercials Theyre portrayed as cute sweet smart that last one is accurate though but they do NOT MAKE GOOD PETS OR ACTORS To obtain baby monkeys they need to kill the protective parents
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