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Archaeological Anthropology, 11/24/2011

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Ivan Kalmar

Lecture 4 Anthropology Archaeology New Ideas New Worlds 11242011Lower Middle and Upper Palaeolithic Class I missedToday Origins of Food ProductionThese are exactly what were written on the slides and a bit moreColonization of Australia still in Palaeolithic 10 000 years ago in Australia 15 000 years ago in the Americas SE Asia towards the end of the Plaesticine Made it from SE Asia up to Australia sometime by 40 kya 40 000 years ago Needed to use watercraftWilandra Lakes region SE Australia NSW Shows early cremation Mungo Lady ca 40 kya Nearby ochre burial of Mungo Man also about 40 kyaThe First AmericansSome debate as to when people first arrived there Arch evidence shows around 1513 kya likely more than 1 migrationBeringia was a landmass linking NE Asia to Alaska now under the Bering Sea Humans most likely crossed over the bridge 15 kya massive bridge connecting land masses 10 kya disconnection landmasses still close by Present look at a map Passage south by 14 kyaice free corridorWhy werent they there earlier Because before that the glacial cap over the Americas didnt start to melt yet Cordilleran Ice Sheet and the massive Laurentide Ice Sheet covering pretty much all of CanadaThe First AmericansPaleoindians thought to be the first wave of humans
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