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University of Toronto St. George

ANT100 NOVEMBER 3 2011 Law of superpositionthat sediments are deposited on top of pre existing sediments older on bottom younger on top some layers are older or latter based on relative position Statigraphy is a relative dating method levels and by extensions teha rtif ecof and features contained in them canbe ordered through time based on startigraphicsequence There are other methods known as absolute dating method say something more concusivley time period Dendechronology rad datimg karg dating thermoluminescence datingRelatively low tech calendars decipher those texts know time periodsDendeochro tree ring dating of preserved wood chronologies based on overlapping ring sequence limitations cannot be used in tropical regions confined certain speciesMatch sequence of say house know when it was used not tropical only certain regions the us sw need for dating work trees go through patterns grow once a year trees preserved display patternsCount rings in overall profile compare patterns to another earlier look for overlap Some larger overlapping patterns 90 something years lengthy span of time pop in us sw timber used to frame housesRad carb dating Radioactive isotope or variety of carbon which forms in the atmosphere absorbed by plans during photosynthesis absorbed by animals when they eat plantsConstantly exchanging with the atmosphere in an equilibrium plants absorb itAfter death c14 decays at a known half life 5730 plus minus 40 William libby 60s discovered carbon decays at known rate amount left come up with recordpasses away 100 percent 50 then 25 125 625 logarithmic scaleLibbys calculations were based on a curve of knowns compared Egyptian tree ring and historical data to rad carb smaples in Egypt tree ring samples and historical texts take organic samples of those dates and due rad carbLECTURE 2 ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATIONNext stage identify first say something meaningful explanation they whys not one true past ready to be discovered
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