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ANT100 FEBUARY 2 2012 THE FORMS OD LANGUAGEOUTLINELanguage helps us develop a sense of being a separate beingOurselves renew themselves all the time ideas once had and have not have still or before same person you were 5 10 years ago difficult to that questions how do you know you are separate beingLanguage creates the sense of separateness between human beings part of human condition loneliness to overcome language used as bridges to communicate we share language with others express you share same ideas through language and culture Language in technical way what is language really likeOutlineLevels of linguistic language formDiscourse analysis text and contextSyntax sentence structure Morphology words and their structurePhonology the sound system Learning resourcesWiki and internet Books in the p section on the 12 floor at robartsThe levels of languageTexts studied in discourse analysis highest levelWhat is a text everything is a textSentences studied in syntaxWords studied in morphologyPhonemes studied in phonologyPhones studied in phonetics phonology structure of sound system phonetics is qualities of the soundHow make a sound is phonetics ba is stop bc stops the air pressure builds upTextText 1 any meaningful item or items perceived as a unit a book chapter in book single word text if think apart from all other language2 meaningful item or items understood as not forming part of a larger item
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