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ANT100 MARCH 22 2012Take 2 inuit Eskimo systemEmphasizes lineal kin descriptive termsDistinguishes lineal from collateral kin in the parental generationClassifies matrilateral and patrilateral kin togetherCognatic bith sides with ambilineal descentambilineal affilation is determined in each generation often marriage then typically closed example precolonial Hawaii Choice depends on parents rank availability of land Resourcesnot born withplaces with limited resources that are redistributed like on islands choose depending on availabiloity of resources on land more land with mother then father ass with mother not father ecery generation choose who to affiliate with descent and subsitence matrilineal societies in horticulture agriculture more in past ancient nubia some herders some complex foragers sedentary villages who forage for wild food people she worked with their ancestors have matrilineta descentcorrelated but imperfectly with strong female role in subsitence especially farming in pueblo in sw us and pekoe article assigned and kalmars wurth hypothesis langiage has no apparent tense markers therefore language predisposes to us to experience world in certain ways iroqouis are matri Navaho in asia matrilineal the linear household formation typically around relations between sisters and brothers stay in household must of life may marry other lineage but not go live ceremonial marriage women take lovers children in sahelian Africa Indonesia indeiamatrilineal pronceple eroded or added to by patrilineal influences of Christianity and islampatrilineal societieshorticulture agriculture herding coreeleated imperfectly with strong male role in defensemore widespread than matrilineal todayambilinealhort agrci complex foragers example pacific islands Hawaii Samoa correlated imperfectly with restricted environments and competition for resources competition resources
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