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ANT100 MARCH 15 2012 Why perform circimcison remove female parts of boys and male parts of girls semi adrogenous genitialia need to be socialized or finished no where in literature female circumcision found alon complementary things we do find male circumcsision aloneHort and pastorial continuumTribes or bands etc talk about ideal types Hort and past from range from egaliatrain produce Low surplus production Resourcrs circulate by simple kin group affiliation recipoprocity Giving of gift not returned in time would destroy relationship invite people over and not returned for a year relationship not going anywhere Low end of social complexity and at top end moreHeiracrchalModet surplus production for exchange Ranked kin group up in social groups not autonomous or egalitarianHeredity chiefs different from big men occupy office office is a instituition last incombant people cycle through office but office remains same with American Hered chiefs not elected but born into position ascribed statues family chiefly line produce leaders first born male auto chief or kin Prince Charles die then stays within family line Reciprocity and redistribution Getting into soicities high pop and occupy more regions and new form of exchange comes in to from periphery to center concept of center then redistributed to variety of groups redistribution social complexity from minimal to far more elaborate ChiefdomsAsk y social complexity from simple to complex much with avaialbale with resourvces and po pressure Ideal typeLink several ecological zones coast lands farms exchange of products from one place to another Co ordinate distribution across zonesSurplus produced for exchange more yams to send to coast for fish producing for exchangeKin groups ranked vis a vis each otherHeredity chief enduring office various formsBig man is an entrepeunar not inheret role but achieves it clever to use family resources to invest makes personal contracts lend out animals mocka lent out piglets to people to get back things
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