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University of Toronto St. George
Christopher Watts

ANT100Y1 January 19 2011 Lecture Notes Language Culture and PrejudiceTopic BreakdownNature vs NurtureAdaptationHuman universals and divisionsPrejudice racism ethnocentrismAnthropology and imperialism history Anthropology started in the West and dealt with the difference between Western people and nonWestern peopleAnthropology vs EthnocentrismCultural relativismKalmar notes onlineTest mostly lectureOnline broad lecture summaryTermsPower point presentation will not be on the webNature vs Nurture Which part of our behavior is due to nature genes and which is due to what weve learned from each otherMay be a false contrast because when we look at things that are given by nurture some is actually given by naturegenes and vice versaLanguage and culture are programmed into humans by natureArctic Husky bark Toronto Husky growl whyHaving language and culture is programmed into nature yet our culture is so complex it cannot be from natureLanguage and culture are human universalsSpecific languages and culture are human particularsUniversals are innate language cultureTransmitted via genes through sexParticulars languages cultures are learned Transmitted via society largely through talkLanguage allows us to adapt to new situationsClothingdomesticated dogs and use of hunting methods was a real adaptationThis depends on social organization and working together simply speaking to each other on how to do thingswhat works bestWe are able to survive in the most extreme climates because we are able to organize through language and cultureTherefore homo sapiens survivesAdaptive Value of Social TransmissionSocial transmission is much more flexible than genetic transmission
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