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Shawn Lehman

thAnthropology March 29 2012 Post evolutionary HaitiShunned isolated by europe and Americafeared the rebellion would spreadVatican sent no clergy after 1804Slaves had been prevented from learning to read and writefew could refer to existing documents or produce their ownSpirit nations families manifestations proliferated Spirit PantheonRepository of social memory personal and communal historySpirits lwa loahave human traits age sex family personalities etcare larger than life but not other than life Karen Brown Mama LolaLwaembodied history bring history alive through humans mediums show its relevance to the thpresent eg cousin spiritspeasant ancestors from 19 Century Through possession voodoo etc Haitians have been able to hold on to their history EG The Ezili Spirits Ezilistwo different manifestations of womanhood sexuality and reproduction Ezili FredaLoud flirtatious French woman or stereotypical upper class Haitian womanManifestation of Mari Dolorosa Image of virgin Mary draped in gold and jewels without a childHeart symbolizes both romantic love and mother love vivayEzili DantoBlack Haitian woman single mother devoted to children hard workSilent symbolizes secrecy required of revolutionariessays only dey dey dey when possessing her hostsA manifestation of Mater Salvatoris image is black birgin mary carrying a chileAfrican roots facial scarringtribal marks LwaTraits concentrate and condense lessons from Haitian history in personified symbolic formNot moral exemplars as saints are but images that call for human reflection like humans are both and badly behavedKnowledge of lwa and their relationships is received in dreams trances stories of personal experience passed down in familiesStories and experiences of lwa explore possibilities of different life situationsExpress contradictions of humanrural poverty unemployment disasters
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