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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Interpreting Material Culture

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Christopher Watts

Lecture 4Interpreting Material CultureMonday October 03 2011607 PM Reading reading for oct 3pdf ParadigmsThemesCulture HistoryDescriptionProcessualismExplanationPostProcessualismInterpretation Culture HistoryRecall concerned with the what when and where of past groupsMajor emphasis on description and classification of artifacts V Gordon Childes definition of an archaeological cultureoCertain types of remains pots implements burial rites house formsconstantly recurring together Artifactsmaterial manifestations of collective cultural normsoRules governing behaviouroCulture is thought to be a certain set of traitsoPeople adhere to certain normsoeg Schematic diagram illustrating the main elements of the Woodbury Culture as defined by Hodson Norms are shared and transmitted through enculturation and one generation to the nextResult continuous cultural tradition patterns through timeImportantoArtifacts reflect preexisting ideas and identitiesExist in the mind style is difficult to defineoArtifacts as containersContain ideas Mechanisms of changeoInternal development and innovationSlow gradual process limited in scopeoExternal influences eg diffusion migration and conquestSudden more widespreadeg new type of pottery introduced suddenly Example Wrights 1966 Conquest Theory of Iroquoian DevelopmentoSouthern Ontarioo13th14th Centuries ADoPickering and Glen MeyeroOne conquered the other and created change
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