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ANT 200Y1 Lecture 1  3 papers per term o One every month (a little less) o One page long o One figure  Think hard about figure  “Visual communication is the future” o Draft in tutorial one week before due date o 1 : Heirlooms  Might be digging up heirlooms  Objects have history and many cycles of history  Look at heirlooms because it makes us look like archaeologist  Understand its significance to society  Assignment: find an heirloom in the house  Why does it have significance to society to life to you etc.  How do objects gain meaning o How does this artifact gain meaning for me?  Image of artifact o Well chosen, well explained o Hard  Reduce things to their essence  Laetoli: 3.8 MYA o First foot prints  Oldowan: 2.5 MYA o Why did humans start making tool o Difference between human tool use and chimpanzee tool use  How significant is this  Rupture point  Process of making stone tools  Chimpanzees  Acheulian 1.7 MYA o Homoerectus o How did they move out of the starting point in Georgia o Spread into Europe and Asia o Elaborated stone tools o The adaptation and society  Middle Paleolithic: 200 KYA o Neanderthals o Cave use o Fire o Interbreeding between present day humans  Origin of Modern Humans: 200 KYA o Evolved in parallel to Neanderthals o Humans evolved in Africa o Archaeological record of humans in Africa o Homo sapien sapien o Earliest artifact that shows apparent evidence of patterning  Origins of art o Expansion into Eur
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