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Keriann Mc Googan

ANT203Y1 October 16, 2012 EVOLUTION: DARWIN’S DANGEROUS IDEA This film will be tested on Quiz 1 on October 23, 2012.  Darwin was being challenged about his constant doubts about the ‘Divine Law’ which indicated that it is God’s will as to how everything was made, as he proposed that there probably is an evolution of new species. From a common ground niche, newer niches evolved over time, from what he discovered on the different birds he caught during his expedition.  All living things on earth evolved from one branching ‘Tree of Life’. All organisms were related.  The different finches he brought back have had unique beak forms adapted to different foods in the island, and were descended with modifications from a common ancestral populations that’s been flown over from the mainland. He applied this vision to all of life.  Animal populations are forced to adapt to the environment so they evolve over time. Changes in the environment can cause a change in the characteristics of animals as they move from one environment to the next. Therefore new species evolved.  NEW GENERATION: DNA testing of birds to know the blueprint; history of their evolution related to the common ancestor. Darwin didn’t have this test before. Mutations causes change in DNA.  Darwin explains the possibility of evolution to his wife ‘Emma’, as they speak about ‘squib’ and comparing the dog in relation to the other bigger dogs. He said that Squib can be descended by one of those dogs, just like from wolves to greyhounds, in a matter of time. Also the survival of a puppy on an advantageous trait, eg. Fur to survive in winter. However Emma abides strongly to the divine law, and does not want to take his thinking to heart. This challenges Darwin’s possible scientific proposal. [Evolution v
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