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Saul Cohen

ANT204: Lecture 8 March 6, 2013 o Why are There Still Witches in Africa? Rethinking Modernity and Neoliberalism  Note: The theme of this course is how we tend to simply and generalize the lives of people, while ignoring the complexities and changing realities o Outline  The Missing Slide: Omaheke San  Five Tenets of Neoliberalizm  Break  Three Views of Witchcraft  End o Issing Slide: Class, Culture, and Recognition  A more complex indigenous identity?  Class and culture are mutually constituting and dynamic  In Southern Africa, the San were seen by Afrikaner farmers as indigenous, as in, somewhat less human without the requirements like good housing or pay  Problem is, we can’t strictly categorize them as indigenous, or farm labourers, etc. since that would simplify the complex, and sometimes unpleasant history  Resist imposed identity through San kinship/naming system  San resisted Afrikaner (typical first and last name) naming convention and used traditional San naming system  Naming for the San marks a location in a kinship system, community, provides a cultural identity  Naming convention orders a world of social interaction not under the farmers’ control o What is Neoliberalism?  A political and economic philosophy  Idea that we should have minimum human intervention; basically libertarianism  Unhindered markets and free-trade should be prioritized  To bring about the most efficient and beneficial economic and social organization  From the free market, everything is at optimal efficiency  However, this does not take into account the fact that not everyone has the same resources and experiences to have a fair shot at the free market, and ignores historical context o Course Theme: Problematic Determinisms  Societies, cultures, individuals are made up of a complex of interactions  No one factor ultimately determines behavior or conditions  Examples  Racial/biological/genetic determinism  Cultural determinism  Economic determinism  More than any other social science discipline, economics is unified by a dominant theoretical structure, highly developed, mathematically stated, scientifically…Economics develops in an intellectual vacuum of high mathematics and unrealistic models, isolates itself from fundamental critiques, and reaches dubious conclusions that…are conspicuously lacking in democratic input-Richard Peet o Five Tenets of Neoliberalism  Tenet : The Profit Motive  Unprofitable= inefficient  Cost benefit analysis  Assumptions: o Trickle down benefits o Profit primary motivator  Tutorial Question o How is your university education influenc
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