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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Saul Cohen

432013 103700 AM No specific details on exam about case studiesWe all know that the red hexagon means for drivers to stop even without the word stop written in it Things may have layered meaningmore than one meaning eg rolling stop at stop sign when cops arent around A stop sign can mean many many things yknow depends on the context People have agreed upon meanings on what things meanWhat does it mean about the type of culture that has stop signs The car is a significant part of our cultural makeup A cultural textRobbins textbook Context is important Stop sign isnt really a sign its a representationMultiple meanings associated with a lot of thingseverythinggender race politics etc not just the stop sign yet we dont all have individual responses theres something strucuturing the way we all respond to these things What is sociocultural anrhopolgoyAn attempt to understand our day to day livesIts to understand the human conditionwhat makes us humanhuman society cultureHolistic complex and paradoxical We dont deal with the complexity on a day to day basis we just stop at the stop sign and move on we dont start examining shit We embrace the complexity and see the inherent complexity of everyones lives in sociocultural anthropology Paradox stop sign means stop but ppl do rolling stop and when u get a ticket oyu get mad why We live in a contradictory world and how we navigate these conflicting sense of values is part of the the study for example reduce reuse recycle and then we are supposed to reduce yet constantly bombarded to consume
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