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Dave Naisargi

thLecture November 13Queer Trans Intersex Polemics of interpersonal blameThe state and structural inequality disappear Bubbles and Sherrod from the Wire o Bs shame over Ss deatho The polemics of interpersonal blame in Righteous Dopefiend come to obscure the role of the state in why these men are in this situation in the first place o The San Francisco mayord policy to get tough on crime led to cuts in public healththis meant that drug addicts were used as human cadavers when they were in the hospitals for the students to practice on lab rats o It was easier to blame bubbles to obscure the fact that they are always vulnerable because of the position they are in o Paxman vs Brandput responsibility on people who are doing something different to explain themselves Love in the grey zonethere is no shame in holding onto love in the grey zoneLove between men o Endurance and exclusion o There are all sorts of love between menit is about survival and having someone to belong to and attach yourself to o Not always homosexual love but there is behavior and identity tops and bottomsa modern and unnatural category FriendshipFoucalt Ruth Vanita o But sometimes it is then what o We dont allow for different ideas of relationships between same sex peopleo sometimes its about exclusion o categorized as gayMSM has been
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