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Lecture 5

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ANT204 Lecture 5 February 8 2012 Human zoos animals and anthropology Alfred Kroeber 19761960Innate instinctual behaviour of insects and learned cultural behaviour of humans common set of understandings about how the world worksIf you take human babies out of contextall knowledge of culture would disappear humans dont have instincts animals do Behaviours instinctual ifRelatively complexUnlearnedInvarinat among species membersManifest fullblown the first time maturity reached and stimuli presentPresent even in species members reared without contact Reflexes simple responses to perceived dangerInstincts Complex patterns of innate behaviour genetically preprogrammed to regulate activitiesNeeds sleep food variously fulfilled Cultural responses learned to accommodate bodily needs Natureculture debateNot neutralExclusion based on biological natural inferiorityWestern ideas about human natureserious consequences Sociobiology naturalizes dominationIt makes it seem like human nature inevitableEx Dr Phil Hes just not that into younaturalized
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