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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Language and Culture and Ishi the last Yahi Film - October 2.docx

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Tania Li

October 2, 2012. Lecture 4 – Language and Culture + Film: Ishi, the Last Yahi Intro  Mid 19 century world exhibitions of diverse cultures and displays of rising technology (largely to do with building structural marvels in exhibition cities)  Language is more than just sound and phonetics, has to be experienced in use, how words are used, dialect, emphasis, etc. Film  Intro writing something about Columbus severely depleting the local population with disease and such, didn’t finish reading, 10 000 000 to 300 0000  Ishi the last of the Deer Creek Tribe who still speaks his native language, rest are dead  Anthropologists worked with him to try and communicate with him after three years of not hearing a language he could understand  Interpreter hired, but spoke different dialect, still managed to recognize Ishi as Yahi  Alfred Kroeber named him Ishi, the Yahi word for “man”  Culture found in things/objects, language, kinship, canoe types  Kroeber telegraphed Dr. Edward Sapir, expert linguist, could not come  Ishi refused to answer questions about his past  Ishi spent 6 hours telling the story of “Wood Duck”, story of how he wooed his wife?  400 people made the Deer Creek Tribe originally, gold rush and swarm of new settlers ruined their home land for them  White settlers killed off all the deer, replaced them with cattle and sheep  White men would band together to kill off natives, this was legal and sometimes even paid work  Kroeber opened muse
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