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Lecture Two

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Dan Sellen

ANT208H1 Lecture Two Medical Anthropology Health and Disease AnthropologyStudy of people Holistic takes any approach necessary to comprehend anything to do with humans Understanding about the causes and concerns and also how culture relatively affects the people concerned Social evolutionary one engaged in sorting outredefining what is similar across people culture and settings Anthropologists interested in the comparative intraspecies perspective Essentially the followingInvestigate Understand SimilaritiesDifferences SpaceTime HumansClosely related species Diversity within AnthropologySociocultural Evolutionary Biological Now an understanding of humans that have evolved and become interrelated and how biology physiology and relations are now interlinked LinguisticArchaeologySociocultural Anthropology Combines Ethnography and EthnologyEthnography produces an account book journal or film of a particular community society or culture based on information collected during fieldwork Fieldwork Fieldwork includes staying in particular place for a certain period of time observing the relative customs and lifestyles of people within the area Ethnology Comparing and Contrasting of the different accounts in order to find interestingrelevant facts that are correlated Evolutionary AnthropologyMultidisciplinary approach focusing on numerous areas zoology sociology modern theories of genetics and evolution public health
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