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Nutrition 2162012 81500 AM differences between male and female life histories alternative allocation additional variation in response to environmental cues linking nutrition to growth and maturation developmental origins of adult disease programming transgenerational effects special significance of girl child and womens nutrition significance of secular trends in life history patternsPuberty vs adolescenceOnset reproduction functionPeriod between appearance of secondary sexual characteristics and completion of skeletal growthCultural markers for attainment of adulthood may or may not be linked to a biological markerAlternate allocation strategySurvival variation sexenvironmentPuberty in females fat increaseso Males increase in muscle massNutritionDifferences between male and female life histories Unique derived characteristics We can characterize genders Males and females use nutrients differently Alternative allocation of energy and nutrients Early life nutrition has a gigantic effect on later life ie from fetal life This is called programming Humans have adaptations to finetune metabolic adaptations for later lifeProblems with this Later environment may be different from earlier life ieovernutrition undernutrition Additional variation in response to environmental cause
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