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University of Toronto St. George
Marcel Danesi

Lec 5 Rebellion cont. February-06-13 2:01 PM Lec 5 - Report : take any 2 reading from the Miller book and contrast / compare and write in 1 page (2 page max); Chicago style - Point form works, double spaced - Test: first 2 chapters of Geeks Goths and Gangsters - Part 2 of Miller reading Miller readings: Ch. 2 Mark Twain - Wrote two books about young boys - Coming of age - Tom Sawyer and Huckle Berry Finn - Cleverness of youth, live in the immediacy of the moment - Satirist - makes fun of everything - "he is the original South Park"… - Twain argues (or what he makes fun of): ○ Youth must be polite to elders (deference to them, or show 'respect' is crucial) ○ Youth must heed advice (go to bed early, get up early, read good books..etc)  Literature with a subtext to it, morals, something that teaches you something  Now it is 'get off that fb"  Idea = I will not listen to you I will do what I like, what I want to.. I will sleep late, get drunk etc.. - Youth culture is a performance; or some claim that it is a temporary phase (psychologists claim) - There is no 'coming of age' ritual… Maya Angelou - Female writer - Acts of rebellion • According to a black women has more meaning than to a young kid • Social injustice • Social relations within family • Spiritual rebellion • Need to rise up from the ashes of the past, to create something rational - Racial epithets (racial change comes from the young) ○ Racial slurs - Change comes from the young, theres nothing to lose, inheriting the past from others ○ Reconstruct and redesign it how you wish - What's young? ○ We decide what is old or young ○ There are characteristics that categorizes people into those groups ○ Old vs young:  Rebellion is not a characteristic of the old  Older people don't 'perform' with rebellion  Rebellion can take many forms - such as writing, counselling, helping others Michael Moore - Idiocy in school ○ We are / we were all idiotic when in school ○ High school is tough: social pressures, academic pressures, emotional rollercoasters and changes - Role of the school in youth - Psychobabble of educational theories ○ There is no theory of learning and teaching you can discern ○ There really is just a relationship you form with the teacher  But this can not be described, can not be predicted, because we are all individuals who learn differently and have different viewpoints ○ Psychology became the way instead of morality issues (instead of seeking church, people seek a psychologist) - How to be subversive towards the high school: (rebellion Michael Moore style) • Challenge the system - ask why and how • Mock the vote of student councils/committees • Start a school club for freedom of speech • Launch your own newspaper or webzine or blog • Get involved in community - His work is more ideologically based - Satirist Lectures Page 1 - Satirist Judith Rich Harris - Nurture vs. Environment • Environment = nature • Socrates: - "everyone knows the pathagorean theorem, but it is in the dialogue, the question that teases out th
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