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Lecture 8

ARC132 - Lecture 8

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Architecture Studies
Zeynep Celik

Lecture 8Architecture as Technology II From Machine Aesthetic to EnvironmentRecall Tectonicshow building stands up transfers load to groundhow architects choose to express that tectonic logicmodern movementabout transparency selfevidence legibilityBUT modern ARC more complicatedmachine aestheticsbuildingdesign object works like machine Atectonic Tectonictectonic structurenaked Excessex excess ornamentation on structure facadeNecessityImageSubstanceORNAMENTdefined as being outside of STRUCTURErealm that is necessary fundamentalist way of thinking about ARCdichotomiesHannes Meyer Trade Union School Bernau 19291931 form ofbuilding determined by amount of sunlight thatemitted logic rarely holds Sigfried Giedion Space Time and Architecture 1941Giedion wanted to erase ornament from modern ARC grid facade of Sullivan buildingjuxtaposed with design by GropiusBUT if look inside Sullivan buildinglots of ornamentation Louis Sullivan Carson Pirie ScottCo Chicago 18991904Form follows functionform derived from inner organic necessitty of organismmaking ARC like natureARC manifesting organic community Louis Sullivan The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered 1896 Marc Antoine Laugier frontispiece of the second edition of Essai sur larchitecture Essay on Architecture 1755 image original book 1753use of organic analogyARC uses models borrowed from natureViolletleDuc argument take one part of gothic cathedralcan reconstruct entire cathedral Le Corbusier Towards an Architecture 1923machine emerges as modelcertain point in ARCLe Corbusier 1923ARC should base itself on example ofmachineex Parthenon Greek templeCorbusier origin of Parthenonis a machinemachine for stirring emotionsmachinic modelCorbusier juxtaposes Parthenon with carsas ParthenonGreek temples in generalmost successful ex of cultural achievement of thGreek civilization then Citroen carex of greatest cultural achievement in 20 CNorth American exs used for modern ARC Corbusier vehiclesplumbing should also be used as exs for modern ARC
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