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Lecture 3

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Christina Katsougiannopolou

FAH313 September 25 9/26/2013 12:11:00 PM Mourning was a ritualistic procedure One myth that was popular was the Meleager. Picture- Rome Via Latina. Mythological decoration was popular for the tomb. The scripts were meant to be viewed with oil lamps Myth of Meleager Popular scene Calydonian boar hunt with Meleager (on the Francoic vase) 570 BC Roman version- Apollo kills the hero. Roman funerary ritual – body brought from the house to the tomb. Visual association with death. In sarcophaguses, of the mourning of a child, one can see visible relations to the mythical figure- eg myleager, nd Late 2 centuryAD. Heroic aspect was popular. It is hypothetical why this particular figure Meleager was chosen. Greek gods had human form, and would hate, love and hurt. Immortal. Most prominent ones were Zeus and Hera. Incest relationship Zeus is easily recognizable, most of the time bearded male. Usually that of a King sitting on a throne. Sceptre and Thunderbolt Elements that the greeks created in order to explain creation. Common elements with Bible and other myths. World emerged from Chaos -> 3 concepts – Gaia (mother earth) , Tartarus, Erebus(night), Eros(love) Gaia gives birth to Uranus (sky god; gives continuous fertilization) –gives birth to the 12 titans, th
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