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Lecture 3

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Week 3Visual Analysis Architecture Vernon Hyde Minor pg 3746 o Architecture and OrderTo write about architecture as an art form requires that we survey ancient literature so as to construe attitudes and ideas on how writers and critics looked upon and conceived architecture as an expression of their culture and valuesAncient texts on poetics and rhetoric were so fundamental that they can be seen to inform all the humanistic pursuits such as poetry tragedy literature in general the visual arts and architectureBoth are founded upon the idea of orderIn Aristotles Poetics he seeks to draw distinctions and set up categories within literatureHe differentiates on the basis of medium object imitated and the manner of imitation or point of view in narrationA work of art can arouse feelings of great intensity Alexander Tzonis and Liane Lefaivre in their study of classical architecture comment that anyone creating a work of art participates in what they call worldmaking which means that the artist creates something new and separate although analogous to the socalled real worldVitruvius sets up formal categories for architecture establishing those formsthe conscious sense of arrangementthat are necessary to make the building expressive and coherent calls these forms the fundamental principles of architecture1 Order gives due to measure to the members of a work considered separately and symmetrical agreement to the proportions of the whole2 Arrangement includes the putting of things in their proper places3 Eurythmy is beauty and fitness in the adjustments of the members This is found when the members of a work are of a height suited to their breadth of a breadth suited to their length and in a word when they all correspond symmetrically4 Symmetry is a proper agreement between the members of the work itself and the relation between the different parts and the whole general scheme in accordance with a certain part selected as standard5 Propriety is that perfection of style which comes when a work is authoritatively constructed on approved principles It arises from prescription from usage or from naturein a sense buildings talkPlutarch quotes Simonides of Keos as saying in the late sixth or early fifth century BC that painting is mute poetry and poetry painting that speaks and
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