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Week 11New Perspectives The New Art HistoryVernon Hyde Minor chapters 13 16 o The New Art HistoryThe close association of the New Art History with Marxist critiques has to do with changes in the discipline of art history since the 1970sDavid Carrier Danto and His Critics After the End of Art and Art History History and Theory vol 37 no 4 Theme Issue 37 Danto and His Critics Art History Historiography and After the End of Art Dec1998 pp 116 jstor HistoryThe rise of the new art history implies the departure of the old art history And then raises the question What caused or triggered this change from old to new What happened o In hindsight I believe that the change was not so much triggered by an independent selfreflection of our field history of art but was enforced by radical changes of the vital focus of our field namely art and coincided with a changing paradigm of history o Today it is easier to describe where we are notthan to define where we actually areo In any case it is appropriate to recall that history is not just what really happened but what is recorded retrospectively in writing as a manmade hisstory History has a purpose a beginning and an end as seen from the one who writes it o History is teleologicalHistory i
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