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Domestic Architecture

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University of Toronto St. George
Carl Knappett

Wednesday February 812Prehistoric Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Art and ArchaeologyC KnappettDomestic ArchitectureChangesNeolithic Revolution Urban revolution Origins and Spread of FarmingFarming circa 11000 years ago in Near East10000 years ago in AnatoliaCatal Hoyuk early Neolithic agricultural siteAsikli HoyukMersinSpreading to Greece circa 9000 years ago Europe 5700 years agoSpread of farmers or farmingIntermarriage between incoming farmers and indigenous huntergatherersMesolithic to NeolithicFranchthi CaveContinuous occupationFrom Upper Paleolithic 20000 years ago through Mesolithic to NeolithicTransition from hunter gatherers to farmersEmphasis from deer to tuna to sheepgoats and what and barleylentilsDomestication and agricultureAppearance of pottery for display purposesObsidian from MelosNearby volcanic island 50km awayNo occupation on Melos at this time so not evidence of a tradeElsewhere it is difficult to see transitionOften shift to different area therefore transitional phases not seenProbably an influx of farming from Anatolia new populationsOne might assume an overland diffusion from AnatoliaThessaly colonized through islandhopping though islands not occupiedNeolithic CommunitiesNot selfsufficientWidespread exchange in stone tools and raw materials and exotic goods shell ornaments copperWhy exchangeTo balance different resourcesOr to ensure flow of marriage partnersExogamy crucial in small hamletsEarly NeolithicSmall villageshamlets located on most fertile soilsSimple houses of mudbrick therefore only find foundations
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