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Giancarla Periti

The Genius of LeonardoMonday October 29 2012 Leonardo is the founder of the High Renaissance His work is considered foundationalo Use of technological innovation Andrea del Verrocchio and workshop completed by Leonardo Baptism of Christ 14681477 oil on wood Florence Looking at the baptism of Christ Biblical scene painted by Verrocchio and helped by his pupils in which Leonardo stood out St John the Baptist baptizing Christ Leonardo did the angel Was still in training Verrocchio was known for sculptures field of specialization Could also produce other works of art in different media This work is not simply the work Verrocchio carried on himself but that Leonardo did the beautiful angel Technical analysis with the manifestation of a different hand than Verrocchios hand Verrocchio stylecutting very harsh and very well defined Leonardobeginning of the sense of softness and colours Keep in mind that Leonardo was a young pupil and had the privilege to help his master with the work of art Leonardo Portrait of Ginevra de Benci 14741478 oil on panel front and reverse Latin inscription Virtutem format decoratBeauty Adorns Virture Is a portrait that is painted on the two sides Not meant to be seen on a wall but in a space in which people would walk around and see the back as well This style was more common in the north Portinari Altarpiececonnection between northern and Italian arto Oil on panel techniqueo Also certain genre way of paintings such as this backfront type We know who this person is because juniper is in the background of the sitterplay on words with her name Givervrajuniper See the juniper on the back as well Inscription means that superficial beauty that we admire in this sitter is the external manifestation of her inner beautyo Values of chastity and honour that this sitter embodieso This is what the inscription tells us
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