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Week 9 notes - Raphael and Michelangelo.pdf

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Giancarla Periti

FAH230 Week 9 Raphael and Michelangelo at workMichelangelo Pieta 1500 Marble St Peters BascilicaHis first work for the French Cardinal as a tomb monumentMade from a large marble clock selected by Michelangelo at the quarry o He references this in a sonnet he was a poet as wellHe started as a sculpter although he trained in drawing and did many painting worksHis sculpting skill is seen in the way the cloth falls beautifully almost as a painted image and idealizedThis is the virgin Mary holding Jesus body o this was a popular context in the northMary is young and idealizedthere is no age clarity between both figuresshe does not show any sign of remorse although she just experienced a great lossMichelangelo focused on displaying aesthetic serene beauty in the figures rather than portraying emotionMichelangelo engraved his signature on the band which crosses Marys breast o This is distinctive as it is the only work he signed Michelangelo David 150104 MarbleA huge 518m tall a famous attraction in FlorenceIn its time it was displayed at the central Piazza although it was planned for the cathedralthe work turned out so well that they wanted to openly display itThis was a popular symbol the same symbol Donatello usedInstead of goliaths head at his ankle there is a tree to substituteThis is David in contemplation before the battle perhaps taking in his opponent and the huge task which he is about to take onThis is different from Donatellos particularly in the age o The body is well developed to a stage of young adulthood peak physical condition o Donatellos was very youthful and portrayed the innocence of David in contrast to the mighty task
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