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#1: Introduction -Renaissance Precursors

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Jenny Carson

FAH230H1Week 1Sept 12Renaissance ArtRenaissanceRenaissance concept coined by Petrarch nostalgia for Ancient RomeGreeceSimone Martini Frontispiece for Petrarchs copy of Vergil manuscript illumination C 1340new historical awareness concept of difference btwn his contemporariespastthere are many continuities btwn MedievalRenaissance artPeriodization many disputes over timelineGiottoGiotto Arena Chapel Padua fresco 1306 commissioned by Enrico Scrovegnifounding father of Renaissancecopied by Michaelangelo etc laternew naturalism contrasted against earlier Byzantine styleGuitto Arena Chapel Padua fresco 1306 commissioned by Scrovegni3 scenes w narrative scenes of JesusVirgin Maryleft Risingof LazarusRight Kiss of Judas violence of human emotion Judas contorted face vs peacefulness of divine peace Jesus calm profilenarrative realism presents ppl in diff positions not just profilefrontGiotto Arena Chapel The Lamentatio approx 1305Duccio Rucellai Madonna tempera on panel commissioned 1285Byzantine tradition but also complex use of 3D spaceDuccio Maesta tempera on panel 1308111 central panel The Temptation in the Garden little kingdoms contrasted against Christs bigness spatial relationships btwn kingdoms compare DuccioGiottos Entry into JerusalemDuccio slide 3 figuresarchitecture are proportionate to anotherDuccio The Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints front part ofMaesta 130811 Padua Italyaltarpiece contained predella pedestal on which altarpiece stood and usually decorated with ornamentspinnacle pointed ornamental motifs on Gothic artworkimportance of Mother Marywhole altarpiece contained narrative sequence the specific VirginChild front unity
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